Wednesday, 27 January 2010

My Wardrobe.

This week I'm beggining a new column titled MY WARDROBE column, which basically consists of nosing around other peoples closets (my favorite past time). 

First up we have Faye Smithy, a fashion graduate with a bright future ahead of her.  During a stint of interning at Fabulous magazine, Faye and I bonded over mutual love for all forms of attire. 
Since our departure from the Sunday weekly  we have put together a life plan on how to conquer the world of fashion (unfortunately we havn’t got very far with putting this into action).  Faye’s wardrobe always intrigued me (her style was a beautiful mess) so I decided to have a gander inside her Wardrobe, to find out what inspires her and where she buys her gorgeous garms.

Charity shop CHEEK

Well this blog inspiration comes right from Alice herself. I met Alice when she joined myself and another intern on a lifestyle weekly, and during that first day she made it her mission to find something I was wearing that wasn’t from a charity shop. I’m sorry to say she failed her task, as that day she couldn’t find a single non vintage item on me.

I HEART charity shops and that’s heart with a capital H. So I have decided to show you my favourite finds and give you my top 5 tips for snapping up a bargain.

First up in my favourite finds we have my lovely Ralph Laurent check shirt that got me through this winter.

Number 2 has to be this Patricia fields jumper.

Number 3 Purple is my FAVORITE colour so I had to buy this, I wear it with my brogues.

Number 4, This amazing Levi jacket cost me an AMAZING 5quids. (don’t hate on me)

Number 5 This incredible sequined jacket cost me only 4quid (!) and I wore it to reading festival.

Number 6, Vintage Russell and Bromley shoes. Whoopa!

Number 7, My amazing brown kitten heels that I have had for about 4years (I’ll never let go)

Number 8, All these bags are from the charity shops, starting from 50p a pop

And finally Number 9 has to be my headscarf’s, I wouldn’t buy head scarf’s from anywhere else but the charity shop. These were all 50p each.

There we have it. Now time for my Top 5 tips on how to snap up the ultimate bargain.

1, always buy BLACK LACE and VELVET. No matter what it is.

2, buy to customise. If it’s too long, CUT IT.

3, NEVER forget to check all the shoes and bags that get stacked in box’s

4, buy ANY Levi denim, it will never go out of style.

5, Most importantly ALWAYS be open minded.



Also Faye will be back on this blog very soon as I’m away for fashion week (tragic) so she will be covering as many shows as humanly possible, giving everyone who can’t be there first hand (which includes me!) a taste of the action.


  1. Oooh I like this, do me do me! Still on for cake and tea this Sat? Nx

  2. I am loving this blog. Instant love! Have a great weekend!

  3. Loving the finds and the insight!

    How did you get the internship at fabulous? Did you have to apply through the paper? Or straight through to them?



  5. love that knit sweater!
    xx-LJ from SOS!

  6. WOW, you found some real bargains. so jealous, all the charity shops where i live are great but so very expensive. your levi jacket for £5 and the trophy jacket for £4 are both gorgeous! Love your blog. Much love Ella x

  7. I so need to know which charity shops you go to...x