Monday, 24 May 2010

Hot Town

Make way for the heat wave. (PHEW)

Yesterday I spent all day in a bikini by a pool, So when I woke up and this morning and started getting ready for my first working day in the heat I had an outfit crisis, as my mind went blank. (what did I wear last summer?)

I eventually settled for a Primark Playsuit, my sandals (which I had made to feet my feet in Vietnam last year), and my ASOS satchel.

Note to self playsuits are the all in one way to stay chic and cool, making them the perfect form of summer attire. INVEST

Outfit Love

Also is it just me or does it really not feel like a Monday?

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Culotting around

Recessionistas listen up.  I brought some floral Culottes from a car bootie in Battersea last sunday (see my Battersea boot sale post for more info) for less than a pound, which I heart. Culottes are set to be big this season so be sure to nab yourself a pair sharpish. Dressed up or down they are equally cute.

Look number uno for easy summertime chic:

Top - American Apparel
Culottes - Boot sale find
Loafers - H&M
Belt - Top Shop

Look number two is more badass evening chick, a kind of perfect day to night combo which would work equally well in the office as it would a night on the tiles:

Culottes - As above
Top - American Apparel
Sunglasses - Ray bans
Shoes - ASOS

So there we go. Two looks one item, for less than a pound. Now thats what I call Credit crunch chic.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Movie Inspiration

Over the weekend just passed I found myself watching countless iconic movies (a general past time of mine when I'm feeling unsociable), amongst which was Bad Lands.  How had no one told me about this movie? Starring Sissey Spacek (who was an icon of her time) the styling is incredible and the script perfect. Then story is a vivid depiction of Hollys first love and loss of innocence. 

Beautifully shot and incredibly understated its fast becoming one of my favourite flicks. So see it.

Friday, 14 May 2010

Battersea Boot Fun

This Sunday I awoke feeling slightly dissapointed my heavy head had stopped me from yet another week of car bootying. Another week without bargains I feared, until I had a brain wave, I picked up my Car boot calendar and stumbled across an afternoon Car Boot sale in Battersea. Full of bargains a plenty and one of the few car boot sales which has the decency to let you have a lazy Sunday morning (it Starts at 1.30) its serious fun. This week I managed to pick up a white blouse, some peg leg trousers, and some floral callots.

Full of fashionistas and bargains boot sales are the place to be. I advise you to go there, its FUN.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Chanel Cruise Collection 2010/2011

This week we of course have Cannes. Cannes is THE film festival for anyone to attend. With a beautiful setting and an incredible array of Hollywoods elite it is definately a place to be seen.

Queue Lagerfield. Never one to miss a trick, Karl chose this week and this perfect setting to display his Chanel Cruise collection. And what a show it was, with Georgia May strutting her stuff and Diane Kruger and Vanessa Paradis looking on intently from a french tea room it couldn't have been more perfect. The collection had a real 70's vibe so I have a feeling we could be seeing an array of 70's inspired clothing later on this year (take note ladies).

As for SS10, I for one Am all over this little white dress with the floppy straw hat (someone tell me the technical term for a hat of this nature) because its adorable.

Cannes film festival next (sigh), maybe next year..