Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Sunday Bloody Sunday

Well this Sunday I was hoping for a lie in but instead I was dragged out of bed at 9am so as to watch a football match (I'm not kidding).  So this was my sunday football outfit.

(Jacket - ASOS, Denim Shirt & leggings - both Primark, Shoes - H&M)

I have to admit it was quite fun, I chanted and drunk beer until the wee hours of Monday. The only issue was that it clashed with my bank holiday car boot extravaganza (which IS a big deal) So unfortunately I don't think it wil be becoming a regular occurance...


  1. You're a good (and very stylish) girlfriend, Ms. K.

  2. you look cool as fuck


  3. sounds like a fun sunday :) and your denim shirt is awesomeee i am looking for one myself but now i know what to look for! lol

  4. Love the jacket and your new blog headers

  5. you started drinking at 9am?..
    I'm sure my calculations must be off here but if not I doff my hat to your dedication!
    Lovely loafers by the way.

  6. I love your shoes so comfy looking...I have a similar pair . Also, your outfit.