Monday, 24 May 2010

Hot Town

Make way for the heat wave. (PHEW)

Yesterday I spent all day in a bikini by a pool, So when I woke up and this morning and started getting ready for my first working day in the heat I had an outfit crisis, as my mind went blank. (what did I wear last summer?)

I eventually settled for a Primark Playsuit, my sandals (which I had made to feet my feet in Vietnam last year), and my ASOS satchel.

Note to self playsuits are the all in one way to stay chic and cool, making them the perfect form of summer attire. INVEST


  1. That playsuit is lovely! perfect summer outfit :)

  2. bitchin' choice, I wish my office was playsuit friendly - mine gather dust until the weekend... oh well, I'll make sure they forcibly embrace the maxi dress! New to your blog, love your work!

  3. I love your bag seriously. Hope you can smile more.

  4. Such a cute yet casual look :) Hope you had a lovely day in the sunshine!

    Claire @ Jazzpad

  5. lusting this post! The bag is purrfect (we're gonna have to keep my eyes peeled for one for this summer!)