Friday, 14 May 2010

Battersea Boot Fun

This Sunday I awoke feeling slightly dissapointed my heavy head had stopped me from yet another week of car bootying. Another week without bargains I feared, until I had a brain wave, I picked up my Car boot calendar and stumbled across an afternoon Car Boot sale in Battersea. Full of bargains a plenty and one of the few car boot sales which has the decency to let you have a lazy Sunday morning (it Starts at 1.30) its serious fun. This week I managed to pick up a white blouse, some peg leg trousers, and some floral callots.

Full of fashionistas and bargains boot sales are the place to be. I advise you to go there, its FUN.


  1. I love how you go from Chanel Cruise Collection to Battersea car boot sale! That's why I love this blog!

  2. Where do you get car-boot calendars??

    cute blog x following x

  3. ohhh i LOVE the jacket on the girl in the last photo!! that is exactly what i want to be wearing in the autumn! beautiful! this place looks very cool! xx

  4. The Car Boot and Fairs Calendar is a bi monthly listings magazine covering the whole country. You can get a subscription from the website