Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Hannah Makes Things

If you didn't already know, Hannah makes things. Beautiful things. 

In case your confused, the Hannah in question is a self taught costume designer with a accessories collection to die for. By Combining her BA in 3D design and her MA in Industrial Design from Central Saint Martins in London, Hannah has created a brainchild which is taking the fash pack by storm. 

Quirky, fun and quite unlike anything else currently on the market, Hannah has made accessorizing fun again.  So expect cute heart necklaces (which come with a key, tres cute!), anchors, birds and russian dolls. 

Below Hannah tells me whats inspiring her right now and what trend she will mostly be donning this summer.

Can you describe what the style of your Hannah makes things collection for who have never seen it before?
I love making jewellery thats just that little bit different from the usual things you see. I always aim to mix gorgeous shiny trinkets, eye catching designs, bright colours and a little bit of our taste for all things quirky!

Where did you get the inspiration for the collection? 

I find inspiration in day to day things, for example our last collection had a cute golden pretzel necklace and I wanted to take something that was just everyday and make it into something precious. I'm always on the look out for stupid stuff like spotting a cute little birdy in the park, then I go away, make some sketches and try and build a design around it. I also collect loads of random things like old photo albums and kitsch trinkets, all of these go on to inspire me in one way or another!

What Trend will you be mostly wearing this summer?

Im a bit of a shoe girl, so summer is the perfect time for stocking up on amazing sandals and flats, I have the urge for something glitzy at the moment, anything with big chunky studs or diamantes gets my vote!

If you could only keep 5 items of clothing from your wardrobe, what would they be??

It would have to be my mega-large jewellery collection that I've built up over the years, all my Vivienne Westwood jelly shoes, my fave black dress, my vintage rolling stones t-shirt and my comfy jeans.

If money or location was no object where would you be visiting on your next shopping trip?? 

I really, really love New York, but I'd love to go to on a special trip to the states, finding out of town thrift stores and visiting flea markets. I always get inspiration from going to markets, I love how such random things end up together and I've got a magpie eye for hunting out quirky old treasures!
What inspired you to be a designer?

I just love making things, I've always made things since I was a child and some of my earliest memories are of my mum teaching me various different crafts. It was always my dream to go to Central Saint Martins too, I graduated from there in 2005 with an MA in Industrial Design, it gave me the experience and inspiration to build my own brand based on what I loved doing.

What is your favourite clothing era??

I love the sixties and seventies because i'm always amazed by the gorgeous patterns and colours that surrounded the decade, also it was an era where new styles really did emerge. Everything from punk style to maxi dresses came from then, people really did push boundaries with their outfits. Fashion today owes so much to those two decades.

Whereabouts are you residing these days? Any shopping tips for the area?

I live and work in Manchester. I'm based in Afflecks, an alternative shopping centre based in the heart of Manchesters very cool Northern Quarter. Our building and the surrounding streets are home to loads of vintage shops, cute cafes, record shops and quirky bars. Theres always celebs popping into Afflecks as its quite a cool little place recently we've had Kate Nash, Pete Doherty,Johnny Vegas, Anna Friel and Agyness Deyn through, to name just a few :)

What was the last Item of clothing you brought??

A Gorgeous black jersey jacket

What do you currently have your eye on? 

More Vivienne Westwood Melissa shoes and a nice shirt dress for the summer.

Hannahs Make Things is available online now and can be purchased or viewed here.

Monday, 26 April 2010



When my rackety old Nokia started switching itself on and off I knew it was time to get a new mobile. So imagine my excitement when Nokia offered me the chance to try out the new Nokia X6 free of charge. I was already glad to have a brand spanking new phone, but even more excited to discover that it 'comes with music' as such. 

Getting to grips with the X6 took a little bit of adjustment as I found myself battling with a touch screen, something I have always had a slight phobia of. However little by little I started to accept that all in all the user interface of the X6 is slick but simple enough for a technological-phobe like me to understand. 

This version of the X6 comes with free Nokia music downloads for a year, opening the doors to a whole new world of sound. For a relatively small fee each month you can download anything and everything that has ever been commercially released. Once you have gone through a simple process of installing the Nokia music player on your PC you can access the latest releases / recommended new music of your choice, as well as the odd golden oldie. 

I have now officially become a download addict. The repercussions have been a decline in social activity. Often found cowering in the corner of Public houses downloading my latest fad, I have now decided to restrict myself as I am downloading more music than I ever possibly could listen to. Saying that, adding the likes of Laura Marling, Marina and the Diamonds and Mumsford and Sons to my daily commute has changed my life (specificially my commute) as I know it.

The phone also get the male vote, as my other half has now also got into it. He has been downloading copious amounts of Jay Z, along with the latest Gorillaz album and a selection of classic Pink Floyd, with some Charlotte Gainsbourg thrown into the mix. He says the phone is a chance to give me a musical education (AS IF I NEED ONE). 

In short I love it. The phone itself is everything I have ever had and would expect from a Nokia, but the comes with Music subscription gives it something that no other phone on the market seems to have right now. Unlimited access to music makes my day so much brighter. Adding a enviable beat to an otherwise monotonous daily commute, I now can't remember how I coped without it. 

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Mish Mash Clash

 This outfit is quite outrageous for a usually uber smart Chung.  I LOVE this mixed concoction of trends. This is the way I want to start and end this season.

Olympic Fever

Today I headed to Bromley by Bow for a tour of Londons future Olympic Park, which was quite frankly ace.

Currently a rather large renovation project happening in East London the development looks like it will be quite an addition to an already buzzing London town.

So if you would like to check out the Village yourself, then head to Bromley by Bow tube at 11am any day from now, where a Blue Badge Tourist Guide will meet you. You will then be taken on a certified tour of the area for a mere eight pounds. So check it out, its pretty impressive.  Plus its an excuse to pull out your best tourist pose (see below)

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Cheeky Minx

 Hold up. Theres a new nail trend in town, and it answers to the name of Minx. Fun, on trend and ultra long lasting it has a fan list as long as your right arm (Lily Allen and Beyonce to name a few) and is a quick fashion fix with is as cute as it is affordable.

To clarify, minx are nail transfers which stick on and leave your nails with an ultre pretty pattern. Upon hearing about this new look I enquired with nails inc about the method behind this new decorated nails madness and got invited to try it out myself, which I quite frankly jumped at.

So I headed to Nails Inc in South Molton Street where I was treated by the lovely Charlotte. Using a lamp she melted and moulded the transfers to m toe nails. I (after much deciding) opted for cheetah print option out of the three choices (silver and gold are the alternatives) and I loved the results!

 Just to highlight the difference I took a before and after shot.

                                        (most tootsies reality)

                                       and the fun alternative!

It really is the perfect accessorie to your summer break, adding a bit of fun to every outfit. Price start at a mere 30 pounds, So try it. Because quite frankly nails now my nails look dull without it.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Coachella 2010

Things to do before I die. Coachella is DEFINATELY up there.

As always the ladies turned out in force looking fabulous. I love the fact Zooey Deschanel looks like shes having the time of her life. Her music is truly amazing so make sure you do check out her band. Plus she has impeccable taste in clothes. If I had a ticket NO amount of Volcanic Ash would have stopped me, trust.

Next Year I'm there. Whos with me?

Saturday, 17 April 2010

ASOS Press Day

It was a press day, quite unlike any other. Located in the gorgeous Victoria House in Holborn, it was also everything I could have wished for from my Autumn Winter Wardrobe.

I am of course talking about the ASOS press day.  Bang on trend (as.per.usual) and quite frankly beautifully made the collection almost made me wish the sun would go away already (almost).

Expect Aviator Jackets to die for, Mouth watering boots and gorgeous capes.

I need the sheepskin boots and the leather trousers in my life NOW.

I attended the Press day along with Michelle of cheapskate chic.  Which was lovely as I've missed her long time.


 We then headed to the Print after party which was fun with a capital F.

Unfortuntely we missed the actual press day but I checked out the watches this afternoon and they are tres cute. Available in Selfridges from now, do check them out as they are sure to resurrect some kind of 1980 retro watch trend.