Saturday, 3 April 2010

Easter Dandy

So far this easter, I have been taking advantage of the opportunity to play dress up and enjoy the first moments of Spring (although its still pretty darn cold). Today I have headed out for a wander around the Saturday pop up shops in Brixton Village.

Cardigan - New Look
Straw Basket - Charity Shop
Brogues - Office
Mint Green Nail Polish - Barry M

I had a lovely day, wandering around the market, so if your anywhere near the vicinity of Brixton check out the market, its pretty neat, and has a great coffee shop (named federation coffee) which i recommend you sample.


  1. Heyy! Your hair looks great! i have the same nail polish love it, it's the best xx love sid xx

  2. I'm crazy about that nail colour right now.... love the look, very spring (feels so good to ditch the winter duds, doesn't it?) :)

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