Monday, 26 April 2010



When my rackety old Nokia started switching itself on and off I knew it was time to get a new mobile. So imagine my excitement when Nokia offered me the chance to try out the new Nokia X6 free of charge. I was already glad to have a brand spanking new phone, but even more excited to discover that it 'comes with music' as such. 

Getting to grips with the X6 took a little bit of adjustment as I found myself battling with a touch screen, something I have always had a slight phobia of. However little by little I started to accept that all in all the user interface of the X6 is slick but simple enough for a technological-phobe like me to understand. 

This version of the X6 comes with free Nokia music downloads for a year, opening the doors to a whole new world of sound. For a relatively small fee each month you can download anything and everything that has ever been commercially released. Once you have gone through a simple process of installing the Nokia music player on your PC you can access the latest releases / recommended new music of your choice, as well as the odd golden oldie. 

I have now officially become a download addict. The repercussions have been a decline in social activity. Often found cowering in the corner of Public houses downloading my latest fad, I have now decided to restrict myself as I am downloading more music than I ever possibly could listen to. Saying that, adding the likes of Laura Marling, Marina and the Diamonds and Mumsford and Sons to my daily commute has changed my life (specificially my commute) as I know it.

The phone also get the male vote, as my other half has now also got into it. He has been downloading copious amounts of Jay Z, along with the latest Gorillaz album and a selection of classic Pink Floyd, with some Charlotte Gainsbourg thrown into the mix. He says the phone is a chance to give me a musical education (AS IF I NEED ONE). 

In short I love it. The phone itself is everything I have ever had and would expect from a Nokia, but the comes with Music subscription gives it something that no other phone on the market seems to have right now. Unlimited access to music makes my day so much brighter. Adding a enviable beat to an otherwise monotonous daily commute, I now can't remember how I coped without it. 


  1. glad you got a great new phone!

    i also spy a certain garden collection dress from H&M (i'm a H&M geek cause i work there ahah)♥

  2. hi for the first time :)
    nice phone-- japan is a nation of cellphone freak/manias, but i tend to like US style ones ... japanese cellphones are almost all two-fold types that you have to flip open to use :/

  3. god you really love that phone hahah

  4. I love your blog's name....Reflection 'O' falice