Sunday, 11 April 2010

Fringe LOVE

So yesterday as I was walking through Portobello market (more to come on this) I had an SOS call from Canned Fashion's Natalie.

It went a little something like THIS:

Natalie: "Alice. I'm outside the hair dressers and I need a prep talk"

Me: "ok shoot"

Natalie: "I'm about to get fringed. convince me"

Me: "Well my fringe goes with everything I LOVE it, its the perfect outfit accompaniment. Plus its a statement in itself"

Natalie "YES! That's what I thought. So I should get it done right?"

Me " Natalie please stop being a pussy and call me after"

Natalie "Ok ok (Whispers) "shit" I'm going in"

I'm not exagerrating. This was the actual conversation. Anyone would like it was over something like life changing surgery but I can assure you, this was MUCH more serious. And although I was harsh (I did call her a pussy) I was totally aware of her concerns. No one wants to look like fashion roadkill. But I knew she'd love it and guess what.

SHE DID. It looked amazing. I have serious hair envy.


  1. Hahaha, thanks for the pep talk! I'm glad you convinced me. Nx

  2. Your posts are always so adorable and creative... I am in love with your blog :)
    She rocks the fringe well... Makes me miss mine, took me way too long to grow out though and I'm not going back there yet!


  3. wow natalie looks amazing! i just found your blog and it looks really good, i'm subcribing!

  4. hehe I love this post, and the hair look's just amazing. Have a great weekend hunni xxxx