Thursday, 22 October 2009

Wildfox Chic

I’ve decided forget being a lady, I want to be a Wildfox.

After spending yesterday afternoon browsing on my new favorite thing I stumbled across a brand I was unfamiliar with, Wildfox Couture. Now Wildfox features a lot of print T shirts which is something I’m generally not so sure about, but after browsing their online collection I’m converted.

Quirky, fun and of course wild, the style of clothing is a mix of American Apparel chic meets Urban Outfitters geek. Very LA, I imagine the Wildfox girl awakes after a night on the town embracing the day with a early morning run, followed by breakfast eggs (over easy of course) with a shake, before finally strutting in to work at 9am looking THAT good. Phew. I love her because she looks so goddam good but I hate her because she has everything I want/need/adore.

Shabby chic at its best Wild fox is comfy is all about mixing everything together to create a meshed up fresh combination of couture, and although it’s nothing like my own traditional style, it somehow works.

Take this love potion T Shirt for example, it reminds me of the Chanel no.5 logo (which natch gives it instant street cred), plus it’s just really darn cute. I loves it.

Plus this T Shirt is what I need right now. I’m really into vampires at the minute (I mean True Blood, the vampire is hot right??!) So this design and shape is perfect for right now and bang on trend, plus it was in Vogue last month (as you can see in the caption below) which instantly ups the anti. I want!

Monday, 19 October 2009

Covert Candy

I looked in my wardrobe last week and suddenly realised I’ve become a statistic. Like the vast majority of women, I wear about 20 per cent of the ridiculous amount of clothes that I own. Like many people I have been meaning to eBay these items or head down to Brick Lane to sell them since I can remember, but I still haven’t got round to it.

The problem is I can be incredibly lazy (and generally hung-over) on a Sunday, therefore the last thing I am inspired to do is get up at 6am to sell my stuff on Brick Lane. So when I discovered Covert Candy I was mildly ecstatic to say the least. Covert Candy is essentially an online swap shop that allows you to swap your clothes for online credits. The idea being you use those credits to purchase clothing from the site at a later date, or even in a few months time if nothing immediately tickles your fancy (pretty neat hey?)

For me this is a fantastic idea, as I have checked out item to item clothes swaps online, and found them slightly impractical, (what are the chances that you and another person are going to want each other’s exact items?) so this way you can gain credit from your old clothes today and purchase brand new ones, for free later.

Plus I love the fact it’s such a good way to make use of those old garms. I feel sad every time I open my wardrobe and see my once favourite All Saints dress hanging up and looking incredibly lonely. (I’m a bad owner so I’m definitely sending that dress to a new home) Also if more of us fashion savvy souls get involved, then the vaster (and of course cooler) the selection of clothes will be. So what are you waiting for? I’ve gained 25 credits today and I’ve already seen a dress and a pair of shoes I need... So get


Thursday, 15 October 2009

Dapper Chap

So last week I got to talking with a fashionable friend of my other half about male fashion and the fact that I really know too little about it. He volunteered some information and we got to brainstorming which has led to a new column on my blog titled Dapper Chap.

"I still have my feet on the ground. I just wear better shoes"

1996. I'm opening the door on my way out to school. As I bounce out the door full of anticipation of what today could bring my mum pulls me back to reality grabbing me by the shoulders. Her x ray eyes examine my carefully composed outfit. She looks at me and utters the words "Good hair, good teeth and good shoes and you'll always stand out". I laugh, embarrassingly. I can't work out a witty response as most 14 year olds would. I try and shrug my shoulders, ignore what she said and carry on bouncing through my day. But somehow I can't. Thirteen years later, the message rings true. It's probably the most resounding thing my mum has ever said to me.

I'll be honest. The subject of good shoes in this day and age has always fascinated me. I guess I'm hearing too much.. brogues are in, DM's are out and deck shoes never went anywhere (By the way, if you're wearing plimsolls, now’s the time to get rid) Says GQ. Too many opinions, far more contradictions. Confused? I mean if Rick Edwards and Nick Grimshaw wear plimsolls at 7am on a weekday then who am I to judge?!! I mean it's gotta be cool..right? I prefer not to be coerced by the status quo. Let me wear what I want! I now have wet socks.
Interestingly, when asking my girlfriend what was the first thing that would attract her to a guy, she replied 'decent footwear by a mile'

'What? Not the good looks, that vintage t shirt, The Italian PERFUMERIE?!''

"Footwear. If the guy doesn't have decent footwear, he's not worth it"


So if a guy has 'decent' footwear, he's worth a shot?! irrespective of looks, charm and sartorial elegance??!"


The worst part is, it seems she may be right.

Statistics prove that 56% of women from 21-29 see good footwear as an instant turn on. But fear not - after extensive research, I have pleasure in revealing what not only looks good this season, but more importantly blends in with your everyday attire.
Firstly, with the autumn months in full flow, it's best to have footwear that isn't bright and colourful. No, I’m not being miserable, I do believe footwear should almost become reflective of the season - autumn brings out many shades of orange, ochre, browns, greys and black so your footwear should really reflect that as it's a lot more natural. You'll be able to react with whatever jean or jumper you may be wearing. A dark brown pair of boots will really set an outfit off well, instead of a green pair of trainers.

Secondly, this might also sound obvious but your colour choice of footwear will reinforce the whole look you're going for. In short, don’t wear yellow unless you're dressing up as a lemon.

Thirdly, good sturdy autumn boots don’t have to be expensive, but I’m increasingly finding out that the more you spend the wiser your investment. Good boots should last you years, so the next time to open your mouth at a pair of £150 Poste boots (My favourite brand at the moment) you should

a) take a moment to consider the long term gain
b) remember that boots can be utilized better than trainers (fact)
c) Close your mouth, I mean really.

Poste boots are a perfect place to start for autumn footwear. Admittedly the prices aren’t cheap but the quality speaks for itself. Incredible attention to detail and super stylish tailoring that compliments those skinny jeans as well. Apparently, the purveyor of style, Jude Law fully endorses the brand. Enough said. This is my personal fave;

Amazing suede colour and compared with boots from Dior Homme for £300 plus, it’s a very good price indeed. Tip: Always good to do an online hunt for Poste boots. Ordinarily, these are £120 but ebay might be selling them far less.

But lets not get too carried away. In these recessionary times, 120 notes can get you a fair bob.. Hudson are now showing a great range of boots and shoes at Topman as well as the army surplus stores (A £35 pair of black army boots and magnums will last a lot longer than a pair of £250 boots from all saints.. )
Then there are these more casual A/W shoes.
Available on the Gram store, these are perfect for seeing you through those chilly winter months.

So, the proof's in the pudding; good shoes and boots will make you stand out. In fact lads, we're spoilt for choice. With so much to choose from like Hudson, Reiss, Deks, Gram and our own army, it's little wonder that many of us are ditching the converse et al for the more mature, sophisticated boot.

"you're not nineteen forever" sang The Courteeners. Too right.
Now, quick march!

Dapper Chap is a 26 year old actor with a keen eye for a bargain buy, otherwise known as Simon. Often be found bouncing up and down to a nostalgic hit from the 90’s at somewhere suitably indie, he also loves Hitch (apparently WIll Smith is a genius) and swears by Barbour Jackets (trendy but practical, whats not to love?).

His hometown is South East London as it’s “incredibly creative without being incredibly pretentious” and when he’s not acting, dancing or sniffing out his latest investment buy he can often be found chowing down in his local pie and mash shop.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Monday, 5 October 2009

H and M online!

So, It’s happened. H&M are have announced they are going to launch an ecommerce site... Next year! Always one to trust for style tips and fashion advice, it fills me with relief to know that one of my favourite high street shops has finally decided to join the dot com era. Phew.

The current H&M site is well, a bit of a shambles. Although the site has many different functions, which includes dressing the models in whatever you fancy, or undressing them if you like, (when you haven’t dressed them in your suited attire the models are in nothing but their panties and bra, saucy) the current site still has a long way to go.

The music is annoying, the selection of clothes are currently not great and the site itself is not easy to manoeuvre around. But, the new site sounds promising. Plus H&M always has killer pieces at bargain prices, so its unlikely those lovely people at H&M will let us down. Its dues to arrive 2010 so watch this space, as I predict big things...

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Paris Fashion Week - Lanvin

I couldn't help but notice whilst flicking through Paris fashion week pics that Lanvin had some awesome pics of a very sleek up do that I have a feeling EVERYONE will be imitating this spring.

Adding a twist to the current slick up ponytail that was hot this summer Lanvin has made his look more laid back and loose. I Love!

Thursday, 1 October 2009


I’m not kidding myself that anyone follows my blog religiously enough to actually notice this, but I have been somewhat M.I.B (Missing in Blogging) this week for a number of reasons. Firstly I have been interning at the awesome, which, is THE ultimate online directory of luxury brands. If you havn't already checked it out do. But be warned it is a massive distraction for any shopaholic, I often lose hours of my life browsing their site after a single curious click on their trend report...

Secondly my lovely cat brought a mouse in as a ‘present’ for me on Sunday evening, which he proceeded to savage by our electricity hub. Long story short, major a cut in a wire = a cut in internet, phone and television connection. Thanks Elvis, and as we allll know no connection, no blog. Thirdly I’ve been damn busy. So please don’t give up on me! Keep your eyes peeled as I’ll be back before you can say botox.

But for now, I love this.