Thursday, 22 October 2009

Wildfox Chic

I’ve decided forget being a lady, I want to be a Wildfox.

After spending yesterday afternoon browsing on my new favorite thing I stumbled across a brand I was unfamiliar with, Wildfox Couture. Now Wildfox features a lot of print T shirts which is something I’m generally not so sure about, but after browsing their online collection I’m converted.

Quirky, fun and of course wild, the style of clothing is a mix of American Apparel chic meets Urban Outfitters geek. Very LA, I imagine the Wildfox girl awakes after a night on the town embracing the day with a early morning run, followed by breakfast eggs (over easy of course) with a shake, before finally strutting in to work at 9am looking THAT good. Phew. I love her because she looks so goddam good but I hate her because she has everything I want/need/adore.

Shabby chic at its best Wild fox is comfy is all about mixing everything together to create a meshed up fresh combination of couture, and although it’s nothing like my own traditional style, it somehow works.

Take this love potion T Shirt for example, it reminds me of the Chanel no.5 logo (which natch gives it instant street cred), plus it’s just really darn cute. I loves it.

Plus this T Shirt is what I need right now. I’m really into vampires at the minute (I mean True Blood, the vampire is hot right??!) So this design and shape is perfect for right now and bang on trend, plus it was in Vogue last month (as you can see in the caption below) which instantly ups the anti. I want!


  1. lovely items :))
    have a great weekend, xoxo

  2. Yes loving the yellow t shirt, the colour, the cheeky vampire face, the shape. A want for me too!

  3. I love the love potion tee shirt!
    Cute blog- you have good taste! xxx

  4. Wildfox is mental aka I LOVE IT!!
    Loving the tees
    Check out my blog for more fashion know-abouts. :P

  5. thank you Alice, you've just helped me find the t-shirt I've been searching for for weeks!

  6. I loved the chanel tshirt *________*