Monday, 2 November 2009

The Teaches of Peaches

I have never disliked Peaches Geldof. I find her amusing and generally quite an entertaining spectacle.  So when I sat down to watch Ferne Cotton meets Peaches Geldof last night there was a part of me rooting for her to reveal to the world that underneath her tabloid persona she really IS nice person.

Instead Peaches revealed herself as everything that she claims she was not. By beginning the programme proclaiming she is not an it girl, she is in fact a ‘total geek’ with a love for scientology and Sci Fi, it became clear that for Peaches words and shocking statements are far more powerful than actions. 

My issue with this revelation was if this truly was the case then I suggest Peaches darling you practise what you preach, as I'm not quite convinced trend reporting for two hours a day on behalf of Nylon magazine makes one a expert on quatum physics.

All the same her leather jacket was hot. As was her short blonde crop. Also working at Nylon, living in Brooklyn, nice work if you can get it.  Highly amusing and slightly appalling the programme has me glued to it the same way a car crash does. I can’t wait to see the second instalment.  



  1. well... I haven't seen this but I really understand what you mean.
    have a lovely day, xoxo

  2. I haven't watched this, but I'm guessing it's her way of saying "hey, I'm not stupid and I care about things besides fashion too". The same way models basically tell everyone they do in fact eat a ton of junk food. I guess you can't completely judge someone by their public actions or what they do, but to me it does sound like something her publicist told her to say on-air...

    Great blog by the way!

  3. I thought she was so weird in the first half, and so rude and off with Ferne. If the didn't want her there she shouldn't have agreed to do the show!

    I actually thought Paris Hilton came acorss better than I thought, in the first show. And I wasn't expecting that!

  4. Oh god, I thought it was just painful to watch!
    I really felt for Fearne! Peaches was so rude to her. But I did kind of get it towards the end... that's just how she is.
    But still, overall opinion is that Peaches is a rude idiot.
    SUCH good viewing though!

  5. I watched the show after reading your post.
    I think she was very rude. And I agree with the above comments...! If she didn't want to be filmed why agree to it.
    Also I though she tried to concentrate too much on the fact she was 'weird'
    I don't know it just seemed like she was trying to be too out there and kooky.
    It didn't wash with me at all...
    Fearne was the best thing about the programme.

  6. peaches geldof & fearne cotton is the perfect match and i saw a show where fearne said peaches 'was hard work'. . .
    I watched the show. It was hilarious!!
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