Saturday, 14 November 2009

Feminine Fancy

Last week I received an email regarding some illustrations that a friend of mine Natalie Hughes had designed. Before I had the chance to check out the images I became distracted by a pretty dress in another email and completely forgot to check them out.  So yesterday I took the time in between frantic face booking and severe spluttering (suffering from some kind of pig related illness) to look the images, and when I did I realised... her designs were actually really really good.  Quirky, fun and indulgent in all things feminine, I Love!

Natalie is a writer by day and an artist by night... When I asked her about her new found passion she informed me that ‘drawing waifish girls in expensive outfits’ was her perfect way to while away a winter evening. (I wish I could agree, instead I rely on painting by numbers)

As I’m moving out next month (ridiculously excited) I need some new artwork to decorate my wall... (I’m sharing with my boyf, and not sure he will approve.)  All the same, I’m totally investing.  If you, like me are interested in purchasing one of these beauty’s they are available on the ever adorable Honey Tree Publishing site. Also if none of the available pictures tickle your fancy as of yet, keep your eyes peeled.  I have a feeling this young lady is one to watch.