Sunday, 2 May 2010

Today I'm lusting after

LEATHER. Seriously need some leather bottoms in my life. I'm thinking about investing in these...

Ignore the top (its awful sorry ASOS) but i think the trousers are pretty cool worn with the right things.

(although not sure about the bum detailing) To buy or not to buy?


  1. oooo i love leather too and have leather skirts but never really considered leather pants ... but it might get sticky and hot in the summer :/

  2. Do it! My pleather babies have served me well. But is that an exposed front zip I see? I prefer without, more flattering I think. And as long as they have a good non-acrylic lining, you'll be fine. Leather is very breathable. Nx

  3. I say buy! Although you need the right underwear with these babies! hahah

    I have some that are lined so I don't get too hot in them!

  4. I can't quite tell if these are high waisted or not but they look quite nice. I think leather trousers are actually really flattering.

    Personally though, I would try on some similiar leather trews in the shops first (COS has them!) just to see how it feels first, but otherwise go for it!

  5. I am totally in love with heavy, quality leather.
    have a fabulous week, xoxo

  6. Love the leather - I agree about the exposed zip, a little bit s & m for me? covered zip or no sip at all would be better...