Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Movie Inspiration

Over the weekend just passed I found myself watching countless iconic movies (a general past time of mine when I'm feeling unsociable), amongst which was Bad Lands.  How had no one told me about this movie? Starring Sissey Spacek (who was an icon of her time) the styling is incredible and the script perfect. Then story is a vivid depiction of Hollys first love and loss of innocence. 

Beautifully shot and incredibly understated its fast becoming one of my favourite flicks. So see it.


  1. Oh this is BADASS! I love this movie, everything about it! (Love your blog too, I came across it via Canned Fashion!)

  2. I saw a picture of her in Lula magazine and have been meaning to look into her films! this one sounds great! will check it out :)

  3. This movie is amazing like all the malicks ones !
    And Sissey, what a face !

    See U !

  4. I LOVE THIS FILM. the bit where they dance? maan. i want to watch it again now! claire x