Wednesday, 30 June 2010

American Pie

This weekend is going to be a scorcher (so they say). Which is great news for me as I'm seeing Bob Dylan (Yes really BOB DYLAN) and Laura Marling, Ray Davies etc at Hop on the Farm festival. Considering I'll be drinking and dancing from sunrise to sunset I think its fair to say I'll need a rest and recoup day on Sunday.

So when I heard about the Whiteleys American Dream event, I was more than excited. Wild Fox (whom I LOVE) are heading an event at Whiteleys, which combines their sample sale with American independence day, meaning you can also dine out on a three course American themed dinner in Le Cafe Anglais for £26.00. Amazing.

Also the Euphorium bakery is getting in on the act and selling American Whoopie pies, plus all star lanes are running a bowling/dining deal.

The fun starts this Sunday, I'll be there in a form of Gaga- esque American stars and stripes all the way.


  1. Im goign to Hop Farm too, totallly excited! Have fun! x

  2. sounds fun! have an awesome time ♥

    check out my blog ♥

  3. Wow really BOB...what? Jealous you so much

  4. your one lucky kid..Bob Dylan :0

    I am going to see Ray Davis at a festival next week too.excited.

    Great blog, love your style :)

  5. Sounds like a blast!!
    Love your blog - Care to trade links?