Wednesday, 4 August 2010


FASHION ALERT - one to watch.

TBA. My fashion brand of the moment - I truly am loving this label. Therefore I decided to show you some of the reasons you should be feeling inspired.

Definate style crush of the moment.

Also I'm sitting in my room listening to 'Stay with me' by Shakespeares Sister, thinking what happened to them? Anyone know? I LOVED that band.


  1. Loooving the velvet. There needs to be more velvet in the world.

  2. Ooh I definitely have my eyes on the first dress. Hoping it goes on sale!

  3. woohoo, I loved that band too! I am not sure what happened to them, they seemed to be a one hit (or one album) wonder...

  4. The final outfit is lovely. Something very inncoent about it. x

  5. oh i seriously love that dress in the first photo! pretty sure there is a brown velvet one that looks quite similar that is part of the Alexa Chung Madewell line that launches next month... I've had my eye on it since I spotted it a few months ago. xx

  6. I LOVE tba! I keep dropping massive hits to the boy to get me one of their dresses...he hasn't yet but I'm still hoping! xxx

  7. I love asos for bringing me these brands to HK!

    TBA rocks! Love the first outfit and it sorta reminds me of a similar navy blue coat from Topshop last season. Wanted to buy it but was broke.

    I think Twist and Tango is amazingly lovely as well!