Wednesday, 2 December 2009


Natalie Hughes decided to thank me for my blog post on her illustrations by creating a picture of Alice, which I had to post as I love it.

So just wanted to holler back at the Hughes Miester say thankyou for the fab pic.  I love it so much I need it to go somewhere on my blog somewhere permanently. Anyone got any suggestions?

Also I am aware of the fact that the last two posts are completely self indulgent.  So I thought i may as well continue by adding a bit to explain my recent absense online.  For the last month I have either been working like a bitch at Fabulous mag or moving my stuff to Brixton my new home (which I LOVE). And now I've finally moved I have no internet, which as I'm sure all dot com addicts can agree is quite frankly, unbearable. So when I am (finally) back online next week I'll definately be back with a bang. For now stay fashionably frugal. And get festive. I'm sipping a glass of mulled wine as we speak.

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