Friday, 24 July 2009

Hello Gorgeous

If you’re anything like me then when you get your haircut, you’ll have that innate fear that the hair dresser is going to get scissor happy and cut off the little bit of hair it’s taken 6 months to grow. For me personally, the fear has got so bad I can’t face even look at a Vidal Sassoon salon. (2001 I went for a cut as a ‘model’ in oxford street and asked for a fringe cut into my long locks, instead I got a crop on one side of my head and posh style bob on the other. But it didn’t end there; they also decided to dye the crop side of my hair peroxide blonde and the bob side of it dark, dark brown. Then for the pièce de résistance they left a long piece of rat tail hair round the back of my head just to torment me with how long my hair once was.)
So after years of refusing to ever enter a hair salon again, I decided last year to face my fear and head back to the hairdressers. So rather than go to a branch of Toni and Guy or my dreaded Vidal I decided to head to a small business named Hello Gorgeous, in Battersea Park road. When I walked in, I just wanted to enquire about prices. But when hair dresser and owner Mitzi Collier approached me she announced with a massive grin, “I have a slot right now, so why don’t we get going?”
I look up to a sea of smiling faces offering me tea and slowly removing my coat. So I freeze. But after nearly legging it I decide to stick around and give the salon a whirl, as I have to face my fear sooner or later. So I sit down with a cuppa chai and tried my hardest to relax. I told Mitzi about my fear of haircuts, and she was incredible. Talking me through each snip of hair, I felt relaxed and comfortable and finally surrendered myself to her snippers. By the end, I could honestly say I’ve never had a haircut like it, it really was gorgeous (cheesy I know). And the staff were lovely. So now for me, it’s all about the smaller independent hairdressers, for that ultra personal touch. I watched Mitzi as she cut some other clients barnets and asked them how they had been etc, it was clear she really knew her clients, so therefore they truly relaxed throughout their session. It was clear to me Hello Gorgeous employ a real personal touch impossible to come across in you bog standard chain of salons. So if you find your toloused locks need a chop around the Battersea area (or you’ve just become so convinced by this article you just have to go) then give them a buzz on 0207 924 2318. Or check out weekly offers on .


  1. Love your blog Alicey - helps a boring non fashion person like me keep up to date! Sexy liberty wrist bands btw ;) Jackie V xx

  2. Love your piece on Paris - I love the couple of markets I went to in Paris, they say Paris the the fashion capital but its so confusing all the markets are so different! Please can you go back soon and give us a low down on where to go for different things! :-) Love Em xxx

  3. Your write up on Hello Gorgeous was spot on. Loved it, Tryed my luck ther and was well chuffed. Liked all the staff they make you feel like there bothered and ur important.
    Defo gonna keep up with your blog.
    kati. ;0)

  4. I love your blogs! There so fun to read and there informative! :]