Thursday, 23 July 2009

Modern life is rubber.

So on my last weekly visit to the oxford streets branch of Beyond Retro I noticed the strangest thing. Vintage has turned its head to a rather odd trend. Swimming caps.
Now forgive me if I’m mistaken, but I was under the impression that swimming caps were something better left behind in the 1950’s. Yet this doesn’t seem to be the case, in fact according to, the strange accessories has even featured in US Vogue (which obviously makes them the height of fashion). Although I’m not personally sure I can pull of this unique fashion statement, (I wouldn’t usually even bat an eyelid at a head piece made of rubber), I was intrigued by the arrival of the piece in Vintage stores nationwide as it seems to coincide with the return of Blur. Of course, Blur’s debut Album Leisure, featured a fetching young lady sporting nothing other than a swimming cap. And as far as I’m concerned, if Brit Pops best four piece band (sorry Liam) are giving it the thumbs up then so am I. If you, like me are slight bemused, and curious about this craze do check out the collection available on, this is the one featured in the US Vogue . With the last few weeks of summer slipping through our fingers, now might be the perfect time to don one with 1950’s style costume for a true piece of retro glamour.

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  1. absolutly love this..........So informative and interesting, makes you want to read more.
    Will defo be coming back.
    MC. ;0)