Thursday, 30 July 2009

Shoe Fetish

So basically summer is over. ‘Experts’ predicted yesterday that the rest of our summer is going to be grey and rainy. So we fashionistas are never ones to be downhearted, have figured out a way to beat the drizzle by getting excited by our next season’s stock.

Following on with A/W trends, I’ve started thinking about what I will need this autumn to keep me warm and of course impeccably dressed. Coat wise, I cant make my mind up, so now I’m concentrating on something else, the one thing I can’t get out of my mind right now... lace up boots. I have loved them long time but now 09 has added a new twist to the 08 trend, making it all the more desirable. No longer do we have the ‘shoe boot effect’ which was everywhere in A/W 08, we now have lace ups that go all the way past the ankle resting on your shins. Super sexy, super cool. So obviously this trend has been brewing for a while (Pixie Geldof, Agness Deyn and Alexa Chung are rarely seen without their DM’s) and I’ve seen a few styles on the streets of London, but can’t decide which look I like best. I am finding it hard to decide between DM style shoes (which are obviously very trendy right now, but still kind of ugly... in a cute sort of way??) or the dominatrix heeled sexy heeled numbers which are currently all over the catwalk.

But anyways after much thought, I’m still stumped. I love the DM style boots, especially mixed up with a cutesy dress or a floral number. Then there is the glam heeled versions. I would never even usually consider these, because I am awful with heels, but my friend Jess brought these Topshop beauties and can often be seen rocking them with an angelic white All Saints dress.

And the combo looks absolutely perfect. I now officially have foot envy. So as I’m on the hunt I’m currently deciding between these two pairs, these gorgeous urban outfitter shoes,5,shop,womens,shoes,allshoes

or the more edgy H by Hudson Lang flat versions available here

Either way I plan to get to get ahead of the pack by nabbing a pair now. I see it as an investment, something to take me through late summer to Autumn, Winter and maybe even Spring... giving them a fantastic CPW (cost per wear dahhling) rating. So please help me decide on which pair please, before I buy both. Gulp.

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  1. omg those shoes are beautiful!!
    great blog post!!