Wednesday, 5 August 2009

French Toast

When I think of Paris, I think Picnics, playsuits and lazy summer afternoons. So when my boyf told me we were heading there as a surprise for the weekend to visit my BFF, I could hardly contain myself. We drove there (which he told me he regretted after I finished bellowing the 29th song of the journey) and arrived in the early hours of Saturday morning, tired and in need of some food and shelter for the night. As we stopped to get our French map out for the 10th time that hour, we noticed a crazed lady waving her arms frantically staring straight at us. It was only then I realised it was my friend Hannah jumping up and down shouting “Up here, up here bonjour!!” whilst waving us up to her place. And so, we ran up her winding staircase and finally arrived at her apartment to check out her French digs. As I walked in and saw her classic Parisian window frames, her cosy living room and her very tall French style Kitchen, I knew I’d arrived in Zi citi of luuurrvve. Absolutely beautiful.

The next day we wandered around the city enjoying the Louvre, and hopped on a fair ground ride which gave us a great view of Paris. We then spent the evening drinking Moet along the river Seine with the back drop of an accordion, a microphone and hundreds of Parisian’s singing along to ‘Non Je regrette rien’ by Edith Piaf, before heading for a late bite of Moule mariniere et frites. Perfect.

When I finally awoke on Sunday from my Moet induced stupor I was desperate to experience some of the less touristy Paris, and Hannah decided the best way to do that was to head to a Flea market. Hannah managed to pick up a denim jacket, a skirt and shirt for 5 Euros... bargaiiin. I picked up an amazing vintage skirt and a pair of sunglasses for 10 Euros, which I LOVE.

So for those visiting Paris and fancying a Sunday morning bargain, you should really pop by a flea market. The market I visited is called MarchĂ© aux Puces de Vanves and the nearest metro stop is the MÂș Porte de Vanves. Its infinitely smaller then its big sister in Cligancourt, but as a result it’s less daunting and more manageable. Open from 7am to 7.30 pm every Sunday, but be warned the vintage end of the market comes to a close early afternoon. So if your vintage hunting then make sure you arriving earlier rather than later (a trader informed us we missed alot of the vintage treats due to out tardiness).
Finally make sure to pack your phrase book and calculator so as you don’t come unstuck mid barter, and as always remember if you’re going to bargain in Paris, do as the Parisian themselves do take no prisoners, and bargain hard.

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