Thursday, 20 August 2009

Crystal Palace of Treasures

One day last week, whilst I was on the south London Charity circuit a little old lady pulled me aside to inform me of a secret vintage market. Situated in the heart of south London, she told me tales of bargain priced vintage shoes, coats and hats.

As a result of course I was incredibly intrigued, and demanded to know the finer details of the markets location immediately. So she wrote the address down on the back of a receipt and pointed me in the right direction.

Titled Hayes lane Market, I could see why it was known as a secret market when I arrived. Hidden behind the Sainsbury’s in Crystal Palace high street, what we found as we entered the building was a cute little outlet loaded with treats. There were vintage fur jackets draped around the place, jewels galore, dresses, bags, you name it they had it. Absolute vintage heaven. My friend Nat managed to pick up an amazing pair of vintage shoes for a tenner, and we found some cute Jaeger jumpers for 15 pounds. Which I think is great value considering the clothes were in top nick.

But be warned it is only open from 11 until 5 on Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Dont worry so much about arriving early, its pretty chilled in there so its a perfect outing for a lazy Sunday afternoon.
So don't miss out, make sure you do head down there at your nearest available opportunity. This week there was alot of gorgeous clothing like this web knitted black dress.

Ive been advised that alot of the clothing gets snapped up quick so if you do see a gem you can't live without be warned it really is a case of buy now or regret it later, and of course as always remember to barter. No prices in vintage land are ever set in stone.


  1. Ah you know a good vintage store when the only way you can find it is by word of mouth! I have a few secret vintage gems up my sleeve for you...

  2. love this - will you take me please?! xxxxx

  3. What?? Brilliant! Thanks for the tip-off!