Friday, 14 August 2009

Floral Fusion

So yesterday, when a friend and I were heading over to the junky styling launch, we suddenly realised we were both in florals and moments away from the ‘first ever liberty fash mob’. So we thought we would be rude not to pop into the event enroute, as you do. One of the first things I noticed when we arrived was the floral wallpaper placed on the side of Liberty’s head quarters. The whole event was to promote and celebrate the launch of the liberty print collection. Which is really, really cute.

So, to celebrate their new collection, they held a fash off which consisted of contenders heading up the liberty catwalk strutting their stuff for the chance to win prizes. Fun all round. Unfortunately I didn’t participate in the fash off as I can’t strut to save my life, but I did take some photos of some great contenders.

I loved this look, the skirt is super cute. There was also a rather large group shot which Liberty have posted in lightning speed, so I’ve nabbed it. (Can you see me??! Can you??)

The winner Natalie Cox, was the clear style winner. I loved the relaxed French Rivera feel that Natalie oozed.

Also we got a great (floral, of course) wrist band to commemorate the event. I shall definately be keeping mine in my fash souvenir pot.

Oh also, check out these super cute glasses. I will most definately be investing in a pair.

So with this event a success theres bound to be plety more to come with prizes galore to be gained, keep your eyes peeled on their blog, ( and hopefully next time I'll see you in the front row.


  1. I am disappointed that you didn't strut your stuff for the comp - I have seen your wardrobe and I know that you would have some florals that would have knocked the judge's socks off! Ever the wallflower, Ms Alice.

  2. I just commented on the wrong bit because I can't use a computer - I LOVE YOUR BLOG - go Alice go!!! Jackie V. xx

  3. Love these sunglasses ... I need them in my life xx