Thursday, 13 August 2009

Not Just a T shirt.

If you still havnt heard of then I'm sorry but I just have to ask, where have you been?? Armed with the hottest designers on the web, the black sheep of fashion is definitely where it’s at right now. With a designer directory anyone would envy and a shop full of pieces to dies for, they are definitely winning the war when it comes to high end fashion in the dot com market.

But anyway the reason I want to talk about NJAL today (that’s short for Not Just a Label, don’t you know) is that they have launched a competition in cooperation with London for London which made me reminiscent of my favourite primary school project, T shirt design. Back in the day when I attempted to put my hand to design I mixed bold colours, florals and all kinds of stick on beauties, to create an original but pretty jumbled piece of couture. Unfortunately it turned out later on in life that design was not one of my hidden talents (obviously as if it was I would be designing a tee right now rather than writing this) So as a way of expressing my excitement for this project I’m appealing to anyone who believes they may have a hidden flair for design to get involved in this super fun project.

NJAL and London for London have announced that the top prize for one lucky winner will be their design, organically produced (yes their even eco conscious, I love them) and sold in “the hippest stores in London.” Also all the profits also go to a good cause as “2009 is all about raising awareness of violence amongst young people in the capital and every penny of every pound raised will go towards 3 organizations working to combat it” Fun and beneficial to our capitals kids? I love it. The competition runs until the 16th of August which gives you a few days to get creative. So what are you waiting for? Check out the competition site now and aim to contribute something truly remarkable, for me please. (I tried yesterday but my colours ran and looked more like a tie dye design reminiscent of an era better forgotten...)

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  1. Floral wristbands are £25 a pair in Libertys...what great freebies - wearing mine in my hair, its a good look :)