Thursday, 20 August 2009

Liebe Marlene Vintage Queen.

One of my friends has recently told me about an online store from a fellow blogger which I have since become completely obsessed/distracted by. Liebe Marlene’s Vintage store is full of beautiful things I want want want. The clothing is all vintage, and the images she produced look like a hazy summers daydream. Gentle, feminine and utterly adorable. As I’ve just discovered her I wanted to share with others, so here I have picked 5 of her most amazing outfits (which I secretly wish were mine) for everyone to admire and gawp at.

1 -This photo is a 60’s dress from an antique store which I would love to wear. Alas anything white I wear never stays white for very long, so I’ll leave this one with Liebe...

2 -This is a navy floral tea party dress I’m massively lusting after, perfect for the summer picnics which i never actually find the time to go to.

3 – This denim smock dress is pretty much perfect. I love the button details on the top of the dress.

4 – I need this blazer. Period.

5 – This grunge mini floral is the sort of piece every wardrobe needs, perfect from taking you from daytime elegance to evening couture.

So there are five of many many gorgeous dresses. You can find her blog spot here and her eBay shop here . Chances are the stuff for sale on eBay is the sort of thing you will either find slightly sickly in a indulgent girlie sense or you will fall head over heels in love with. I’m definitely in the latter category so I’m off to gawp some more now, and hopefully invest in an item or two, tata...


  1. Damn this recession!!! Your posts are like dangling a chocolate cake in front of a woman on the Atkins Diet...I can look and drool but alas I can't touch!!!

  2. I love the 60's dress at the top and the all of the florals. Very very gorgeous. I am off to see what else they have in store.

  3. I love the denim dress its so cute, I have tried so many on though & all look rubbish - hmmmm

  4. C.O.D

    great stufff huh? Killer pins too. Lovin' the blog. x

  5. I think her real name is Rhiannon :P.