Thursday, 27 August 2009

So. Much. Fun.

Last night, as I strutted down Oxford Street heading towards the Arcadia A/W preview I was a mix of super excited and somehow slightly anxious. I was excited by the prospect of being in the same room as ALL of Arcadia’s A/W treats, but was anxious as somehow I can be a bit of an awkward geek at these types of social events, and I was quite petrified of finding myself stuck in struggling conversation and awkward silences.
When I arrived I decided the best solution for these nerves was to head straight up to the bar to get my first fix of ‘Dutch courage’. As a waiter was pouring my drink I peeked through to the show room and became immediately excited.
What I saw was a room full of pretty dresses/coats/my favourite seasons brand spanking new clobber. So I nabbed a glass of bubbly and immediately ran over to check them out. The collection was overwhelming. There were feathers, sequins, UBER cute shoes etc, it was like dying and going to fashion heaven. When I looked over at the tiny booth where photos were being taken I immediately became awkward and anxious again and decided against it as I was on my own and felt embarrassed to try stuff on. I got ready to leave when a Miss Selfridge spokeswoman named Halina approached me to talk about the collection. As a result of our conversation (and lots of wine) she managed to convince me to give a photo shoot a whirl, so I donned a trophy jacket and posed for the camera.

After I left the studio and collected my photos I got talking to Michelle of Cheap skate chic, and between us we decided to put something completely outrageous on for fun. I of course put on a couple of the most outrageous things I could find and looked well, pretty horrific. Of course Michelle and her friend Gemma were both wearing pretty incredible outfits so I just looked a bit like a moose, but never mind. Here is a picture all the same so commemorate the event.

Clothes wise, everyone was loving two things the KTZ statement pieces, and the Ashish shoes from Top shop. The Ashish shoes were quirky, outrageous and bang on trend. So if you’re planning in investing in these wacky but wonderful gems then do it quick as Susie advised me she has a feeling they could be sold out as quickly as... tomorrow morning!! :(

Arcadia I applaud you. From something which originally seemed like it could be quite daunting came the most fun I have had in a while, and a collection of clothes I now can’t live without.


  1. I love that jacket! I want I want! lol xoxoxox

  2. YAY moar pics! I still need to get those with you from Gemma (EPIC lace body).

    and I emailed the lady for LFW too, fingers crossed. We need those free drinks, dammit ;) xx

  3. You a moose? That is impossible! You looked awesome and it was so much fun meeting you!

  4. Such a fun night, it was lovely meeting you! Oh, and you looked fab, you narna!


  5. Oh poo, I didn't get to meet you. I agree about getting a case of 'the shys' though. Am much better at doing my social networking online ;)

  6. you don't how to play the guitar do you? Still it doesn't seem to worry Katy Perry and she poses with them CONSTANTLY. Think the hair should be up though with that jacket. Sweetie.

  7. You look amazing!! the jacket in the first two photos is stellar...

  8. Everyone's photos were amazing, looked like a very fun night!
    xx-LJ from SOS!

  9. that is a fantastic shoot! music