Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Winter Warmers

Right now I’m sat in my room ohhing and aaahing at the Autumn/Winter collection which is slowly but surely being unveiled in shops everywhere. The only problem is my opinion is completely divided when it comes the A/W collection 09, as some bits I absolutely love and some bits I don’t know if I’ll ever be brave enough to try out ( knee high boots?? I’ll come back to this one). Opinions aside I need to decide on a capsule wardrobe before other fashion savvy sisters beat me to it.

As usual I’m finding it hard to decide on one key piece, my Winter coat. For some reason since I can remember I have been absolutely obsessed with coats. I think it’s because no matter how many throw away trends you wear throughout the winter, your choice of coat is always the icing on the cake, the Pièce de résistance of your winter wardrobe if you like. Now I know its still hot (really hot) out there but I always buy my winter coat in August as any fashion insider knows, this is when the best selection is available in stores, it may not be cold but fashion waits for no one I’m afraid...

Since I’m broke (I‘ve already brought a pair of boots and a dress which I cannot live without this winter) I’m meant to be deciding on a coat which sticks to my budget. Therefore I’m looking for something 100 pounds or less.

This week I have already found the perfect coat which supports my current monochrome crazy streak, and my budget. It’s a Top Shop piece which I love so much I have already brought once but, taken back because I think I can’t afford it. But now I can’t stop thinking about it. So I’m considering reinvesting in it as it would be perfect for the Christmas festive season...


Then there is the Urban Outfitters coat I came across last week which ticks every box on my winter coat check list. Perfectly tailored, cute, black and therefore goes with almost everything.

But, its 200 big ones. Money aside I think I need this coat (as I’ve told all my friends over and over to convince myself) as it’s a winter long investment. Plus I was away last winter travelling the world so I owe myself this indulgence as I completely missed out on last winter’s selection... Oh dear. What a tether I have got myself in. So please help me out. To buy or not to buy??


  1. Loving the blacks Alice - bring on the winter wardrobe!

  2. Alice I like the topshop - its cute and girly and a bit different, everyone gets boring black coats, be different and then you will have more moeny to come out with me and show it off! Em xxxx

  3. I love the Topshop coat- it's like a story book coat. In this story the girl would have a daschund called Henry as her best friend and spend her time solving crimes of a bakery nature.

    Nothing like that could possibly happen in the second coat.