Thursday, 25 March 2010

Fitter Happier

This morning I woke up and switched on the box. 

You see I am sick today, which sucks.  The small plus point is that I at least get to catch up on idle television shows. So I watched BBC news for a bit when I awoke, which told me why I should consider the new Atkins diet. Urgh.

Once I’d had enough of some LA fitness bitch telling me why I shouldn’t eat apples (I mean really) I turned on GMTV with Lorraine Kelly. On GMTV this morning there was a lady telling Lorraine Kelly why wearing flats and jeans at the workplace was unacceptable.  I wear pumps and jeans to work ALOT. So she made me feel great about my chosen form of attire.  Double URGH.

I then switched over onto MTV and on came Radioheads Fitter Happier Video. Oh the irony, Fitter Happier never felt so true. 

*"A pig in a cage on Antibiotics" - today thats me. 

As a young and impressionable lady myself I think its high time we cut the  condoning.   My advice would be to challenge the stepford generation.  Wear what YOU want to wear, eat what YOU want to eat, and fuck fitting in. Also behave completely inappropriately. 

Finally: A message to the LA fitness bitch on the BBC this morning, I had an apple this morning AND a cinnamon bagel smothered in peanut butter. HA.

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  1. I behave inappropriately daily! xx