Sunday, 28 March 2010

Pop up stores at Whiteleys Launch

So this week when the pr team at village press invited me to the opening of pop up stores within the Whiteleys centre (shopping centre in Bayswater which also houses net-a-porter) it’s fair to say I was excited.  With Alice Dellals band (Thrush metal) confirmed to play a set, and a guest list of Sadie Frost, Kelly Osbourne and Jameela Jamil it seemed like it would be quite an evening. 

Then I woke up ill on Thursday (which sucked) so I requested to be kept in the loop via press images. I was tres jealous when I saw the turn out, although slightly bemused by Thrush metals appearance (Alice and co showed up in face masks and suits). Mmm. 

Below I have attached some of my favourite shots of the evening for all of you who couldn't make it, like me.

Next time i'll be there, illness or no illness. Final note of the night, I love  Kellys new silver fox look - amazing. I'm feeling inspired...


  1. Aww hope you're feeling better now :) And sorry for going AWOL recently, been so busy before i go away. When can we meet up next? I miss our shenningans.x

    and ps: should really reply in email, but I'm also up for contibuting in the magazine!

  2. What a shame you were ill. Hope you are fully recovered now. These were great press images, Kelly Osbourne looks teeny tiny!