Sunday, 14 March 2010



So its been a while. But I rushed home this afternoon feeling completely inspired after seeing beyonce and Gaga’s video to their new song Telephone. I LOVE it. 

The outfits, the dance moves and the fact Gaga included a clip of someone exclaiming “I told you she doesn’t have a dick” shows she has a sense of humour, and talent.

I want beyonces fringe, Gagas leather jacket, and I just can’t stop watching it. 


  1. I dont like her music, but as a fashion icon she is cheif.

  2. Oh I love this video I did a post on it the other day, she is sooo inspiring ...check it out I found some great picture's. I love the one where she has the smoking shade's on.

  3. beyonce has definitely taken some ideas from my fringe x lily