Friday, 11 September 2009

Christopher Kane. Topshop. Nuff said.

It’s arrived. Us fashion bloggers have not stopped yapping on about Christopher Kane for Top shop A/W for months, but now the wait is finally over, and it’s full of everything you could possibly dream of. One shouldered dresses, boots, bags and animal tee’s galore. So I'm commemorating this fabulous collection by highlighting 5 pieces I’m toying this season:

This gorgeous studded Skirt

These amazing studded shorts. A piece of Christopher Kane fashion history

The PERFECT white dress.

The one shouldered Christmas Party Solution

if there is one thing I have gathered about this collection, its that its all about the studs this season. So this weekend as I'm feeling frugal I'll be boot saling down in kent, searching for studded denim shorts or vintaaaage studded boots. After all if its good enough for Mr Kane, its good enough for me.

1 comment:

  1. I'm totally getting those knickers, overpriced they may be, but I want some Kane!

    and we should totally meet next weekend, show or no show! I have number so will give you a text, and you can tell me or about the shows I missed! x x