Tuesday, 22 September 2009

London Fashion Frenzy

For the last few days I have been hanging around London Fashion Week, having fun and staring at the beautiful people. The main reason I (obviously) headed to LFW was to try and catch some of the shows, but as its been soo hard to get a ticket to most, and I'm so disorganised this year that I didn't organise many tickets to shows.. so therefore I wandered around the site and took some photos of some of the exhibitions, and still saw some amazing things and had a great time.

So day 1, (I'm adding madatory outfit shots) I wore this

Met up with her

(Michelle of Cheapskate Chic)

Dranks lots and lots and lots of this,

(which ended in a very very tipsy Alice, I blame YOU Michelle)

whilst generally wandering in and out of exhibitions. One of the highlights was definately the Portico Rooms, where Michelle and I drank pink Champagne and discussed with one of the Models (who had been modelling for over 60 years, amazing) the change in the industry over the decades.

Eventually the model was dragged off for an interview but we managed to hear all about her hey day, and how things were tough for brunettes with long flowy hair in the 60's and 70's as it was all about the pixie blonde hair and big eyes look (think Twiggy). Amazing Woman but I unfortunately didnt get a picute, dammit. But all the same here are some snaps from the Preen collection which was showcased in the portico showrooms on Saturday afternoon.

Also we saw the cutest Eley Kishimoto wedges which Michelle and I both decided we NEEDED immediately.

After a few hours in the showrooms we headed out for a breather when the PR lady from Angel Jackson approach us and tell us there was a party they were holding in a show room with Zoe and Morgan, Featuring Daddy G from Massive Attack on the decks.

After this party we headed down to check out the Red Bull fashion factory, which ok except the PR contact couldn't get us into any of the shows, and I was by this point super drunk and needing to leave.

Subsequently I ended up in a Morrocan restaurant with some friends south of the river smoking shishas and celebrating ramadan (how I got there or why I was celebrating ramadan, I really don't know). All the same Saturday (day 2 of fashion week) was super super fun. I just hope the rest of the week lives upto this...


  1. What a heartwarming article on size 0 models.
    It is good to know that not everybody in the fashion industry encourages starvation.

  2. I know I should be reminiscing about fashion and what not but all my memory of that day is a lot of booze. We should have drank more, hahaha.

    and I have EMO face in every pic. arrrgh xx

  3. how do you go about getting your press pass?
    do you just apply for it?
    or do people get in touch with you?