Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Posh Swaps Clothes Shop

If you’re anything like me, right now this recession will be severely disabling your usual spending habits. I know my personal clothing budget has been halved and as a result my wardrobe has been severely affected. Sob. So this week when I received an invite to posh clothes swap, I was incredibly excited.

Taking place in Chiswick, Ceri (of Heathcote communications) is organising a clothes swap next Thursday the 17th of September. It will cost £15 to get in (but wait for it) for that mere £15 pounds you get to swap 5 items of your clothing for 5 of someone else’s, you get your choice of either a manicure or a head and shoulder massage, a mini goodie bag full of fashion and beauty goodies, the chance to be styled by personal stylist Emma Mc Dowell, AND a glass of bubbly to accompany your bargain. Amazing. Plus there will be a raffle at the end of the night giving away great fashion and beauty prizes... fab fab fab.

I’ll be there photographing away and investing in lots and lots of raffle tickets, so will hopefully see you in that queue. But as a regular clothes swapper I ask you to remember one thing. You may no longer wear what you bring to the clothes swap BUT make sure its wearable, as I can assure you no one wants to wear your tatty holey jumper from 1982 (I learnt this lesson the hard way at my last clothes swap, bad clothes = massive cringe fest :$).

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  1. How cool, cant wait to clothes swap.......
    abosolutly love ur blog