Friday, 18 September 2009

Swap Shop

So, last night I met up with my friend Jackie and we headed to the Chiswick clothes swap I blogged about last week. When we arrived I was slightly concerned there weren’t many people there, and the ones that were there were slightly mature than me.

So when I went in, I ran straight for a mad bargain hunt to see what I could find and I was pleasantly surprised. I was worried when I arrived that the women there would be dropping off Marks and Sparks gear from a million decades ago, worthless to you or I, but instead I found a KILLER Missoni dress with the price tag intact meaning it had never been worn.

Plus I got a green vintage jumper which is a perfect A/W piece, and a crop top. Brilliant. Jackie was concerned she wouldn’t find anything but she found a great clutch bag and a cute little purple cardi.

The added bonus was, it was fun. We had massages, wine and a general natter with other punters. So Clothes swapping is definitely the way forward. Have one with your friends or keep your eye on the posh swaps site, with last night’s event being such a success there’s bound to be another coming to a town near you soon.


  1. I'm working the sexy purple cardi today with pumps and denim skirt ... its my Wembley outfit :) Swap Shopping - the way forward. x

  2. Thanks for coming to the party Alice. Lovely to meet you. I love that Missoni dress, Wish I had been able to join in myself.


  3. Aw wish I had come, but Dave dragged me to yoga! Next time! Em x