Friday, 4 September 2009

Daily Daydream

So, here again I am about to rant on about London Fashion Week, again. But this time it is due to discovering something which has gotten me even more excited about LFW. The Daily.

The Daily is a Daily (surprising that) publication which bookmarks the hottest collections and trends at London Fashion week. The Daily itself is published by Rubbish Ink Ltd, which is a magazine founded by Jenny Dyson who has worked for both Elle and Vogue (I love her already) and was also the Former European Editor of Teen Vogue. Phew. So I think it’s fair to say she knows her stuff. Also working on the Publication is Cat Callendar, a fashion Journalist who earned her stripes as the fashion features editor of Elle. She also knows the difference between a remarkable and a ‘rubbish’ outfit.

Then we have fellow blogger, Kila Carr Ince. Kila is an amazing amazing illustrator, whose work you can check out on Also I had to show you this piece I found on her blog which highlights every reason I love her illustrations.


Kila also works for Rubbish magazine, so it seems that The Daily really is a family affair (which makes me adore it even more). Also there will be more to come, as Jenny Dyson and Cat Callendar have selected a handful of writers from major publications to write for this fashion week wonder mag.

So do make sure you check it out, ( as the third run of this publication is bound to be more fun and fabulous than ever.


  1. Alice, apply for UK Press for LFW? I've had mine accepted..its worth a go. we could meet up? Good luck.

  2. I love this blog .
    More of Alice PLEASE........

  3. fabulous post- im gonna check it out now xoxox